Construction Quality Assurance

Construction quality assurance inspections for buildings and structures to ensure that your asset has been constructed to design and Australian standards and codes, if you have concern that your asset is not to standard or inferior / sub-standard materials or workmanship has occurred on your project call us today to see how we can assist in auditing your asset.
Our construction quality assurance inspections go beyond visual assessments traditionally performed we utilize the latest ultrasonic arrays, electromagnetic and GPR Testing methods to provide accurate measurements of as-constructed information, defects and concrete strength testing to assess the quality and workmanship of the property’s construction against acceptable industry standards.

The advantage of using TSSA is our father company BAAM Consulting, expert durability and remedial engineers with 30 years experience and a recognised name you can trust.

Utilizing the latest in innovation TSSA are able to perform in-situ concrete strength analysis utilizing a correlation data method from Schmidt hammer data and Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity wave analysis. This is an indirect method for calculating concrete strength where core samples cannot be taken.

With the latest in software analysis we can 3D image any structure for complete defect identification, reinforcement design, post / pre-tension strands, voiding, delamination, corrosion mapping and deformation.

Dilapidation Surveys

Independent dilapidation surveys are critical in ensuring your asset is handed back to the asset owner in the same or equal condition post works, we specialise in supplying independent assessments that you can trust.