Total Scan and Survey employee only degree qualified geophysicist / Engineers and non-destructive testing certified staff. We are located at lvl 14, 197 St Georges terrace and 27 Tamara Drive, Cockburn, Western Australia.

With over 20 years of experience supply utility surveying, concrete non-destructive testing and geophysical surveying. Our major projects include concrete scanning for structural design modelling and structural integrity, Utility Surveying for design and civil construction, Mapping of geological conditions for development / pipeline installation / landfill sites / pile integrity testing and UXO’s.

Our major projects of note include:

Swan Brewery land development:

With the demolition of the brewery for development of new commercial properties Total Scan & Survey were engaged to perform Geophysical Survey of the entire site for underground tanks, landfill, utilities, asbestos and environmental concerns. Total Scan & Survey utilised a high speed GPR system towed by a Polaris ATV to cover the 300,000.00 square meters of site at 1 meter survey spacing’s, the data was then modelled and all subsurface elements were exported to 3D CAD drawings.

Northbridge Hotel:

With design plan upgrades required Total Scan & Survey were engaged to model each floor of the hotel for structural design, as part of this all post / pre tension cables were modelled including all structural elements for design purposes. This data was critical as the as-constructed plans were incorrect causing major design and loading issues with projected upgrade of an additional 4 floors to be added. With our ability to model all design elements in 3 dimensional geospatial reference we could deliver a value added efficient model for the design works to be completed and additional strengthening to be implemented.

ATCO Gas Kaizen Project:

Total Scan and Survey have been the preferred vendor for supply of utility locating and surveying for the largest ATCO gas project released in Western Australian history. TSS have 2 years of consultancy advice and efficient service history on this project, we have correctly identified over 100,000.00 utilities which posed significant risk to the installation of new gas mains and the public. We have maintained an impeccable record for incident management and system improvement goals that have allowed us to secure this contract for an additional 3 years.

Kalgoorlie Dam Wall Investigation:

Total Scan & Survey were consulted in regards to a dam wall that showed signs of honeycombing within the dam face, by utilising high frequency Ground penetrating Radar and Ultra Sonic Pulse Echo we were able to correctly identify the voiding in the concrete for targeted injection to repair the dam wall saving an estimated 2 million dollars in replacement works of the dam wall. We were commended on our professionalism and efficiency in performing the task and supplied a national preferred vendor contract.