Total Scan and Survey service Melbourne’s growing requirement for concrete scanning, concrete condition assessment and non-destructive testing. We are the only national concrete scanning company in Australia with offices in all major cities around Australia.

We only employee degree qualified geophysicists with advanced knowledge of electromagnetic wave theory, sonic wave theory and advanced interpretation and analysis methods.
Our major projects of note include:

Geophysical GPR Rock Bed Mapping:

With the requirement to install a major pipeline re-route in the mountains of Melbourne’s North east, We performed a geophysical survey for the depth and extents of all below ground geological features to ensure a complete design for the installation of the new pipeline.

With a total fo 28km of mapping performed we were congratulated with an award of excellence, our client indicated our study saved them upwards of 2 million dollars.

Our information was critical in the location of pipeline as previous methods would have led to extensive drilling and blasting, we were able to map out the most efficient route to save time and cost.

Structural Bridge Condition Assessment:

By utilizing the latest in non-destructive methods we performed a full 3 dimensional model of the existing bridge for as constructed detail by concrete scanning with 3D impulse radar and Ultra sonic Arrays.

There was a an requirement for a study of in-situ Strength in which we utilized the latest methods of UPV and Schmidt Hammer correlation to model the in-situ strength where coring and lab analysis was not deemed practical.

Concrete Moisture Testing:

Total Scan and Survey have been supplying concrete relative humidity testing and moisture testing for the application of coatings and surfaces to ensure the products are applied to their optimal conditions as specified by global suppliers.

Pile Integrity Testing:

We performed a complete pile assessment study utilizing the SE/IR method for pile integrity assessment on a large scale project in the Melbourne CBD to ensure the Pile Integrity had been maintained and provide critical analysis for future loading capabilities.