Looking for Concrete Scanning in Sydney ?

Total Scan and Survey Australia are currently servicing the growing need for concrete scanning in Sydney. We currently operate on many large scale projects in Sydney due to the infrastructure boom in Sydney. We are providing degree qualified geophysicists to perform advanced concrete scanning methods and geophysical investigations.
Our office is based in Lidcombe NSW, we are available 6 days a week for consultancy services and advanced concrete scanning methods.

Total Scan and Survey are a National company you can trust to deliver your projects on time and efficiently all over Australia.
Our major projects of note include:

Geophysical Survey utilizing seismic and low frequency GPR:

With the current expansion of Sydney’s infrastructure TSS were engaged to perform underground imaging techniques to identify heritage structures for the widening and relocation of many underground utilities.

Structural As-Constructed Condition Assessment:

TSS were engaged to perform concrete scanning a condition assessment of an existing building built in the early 1970’s. We were engaged in the primary construction design to provide specialist information on concrete degradation and supply advanced techniques to scan the concrete for as-constructed detail and areas of defective concrete. With no accurate as-constructed plans Total Scan & Survey provided the latest in technology utilizing laser scanning techniques and overlaid the concrete scanning imaging data to compile a full 12D model.

Environmental Contamination Survey:

Total Scan and Survey were engaged to provide a full underground assessment of contamination utilizing an array of geophysical methods, including IP/RES surveys, GPR, Seismic and EM methods for a complete assessment of contamination and geological conditions.

Pile Integrity Testing:

Total Scan & Survey are operating on many development sites and infrastructure projects providing detailed NDT analysis and pile integrity assessment utilizing the SE/IR method, Crosshole Sonic Logging (CSL) & Pile Dynamic Analysis (PDA) on WESTCONNEX M4, M5 & RMS pile monitoring project.