Whats is Concrete Scanning ?

Concrete Scanning is the method of using structural radar (GPR) or ultrasonics to image the concrete for the identification of the condition or as-built properties.

Structural Imaging and Condition Assessment

Welcome to Total Scan & Survey Australia — the leading provider of structural imaging and concrete slab scanning services in Australia.

When planning repairs or renovations in a concrete structure, there is a risk of encountering post tension tables, rebar and conduits during drilling, cutting or drilling. With Total Scan & Survey, the go-to- experts for concrete scanning in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Perth and the surrounding areas, we offer builders, contractors, and engineers with precise and well-interpreted subsurface data, so they can make well-informed decisions about each project.

TSSA specialise in concrete slab scanning across Australia and are promoters of professional practices through the Concrete Non Destructive Testing Association.

In particular, we provide the technical proficiency and the technology to help each client complete the project safely, on time and on budget.

Total Scan & Survey has the highest trained staff in concrete scanning in Australia, with certifications in concrete scanning and structural integrity inspections, we can provide professional assessment of concrete slabs, tilt panels & structures to provide critical information regarding the structural integrity and as-built construction.

Whether you need to know the location of in-built services and utilities or post/pre-tension cables TSSA can survey these articles with the highest precision. We can scale our service to meet a client’s project size. So whether you have a small concrete scanning project in Sydney or a big one in Brisbane, we can help.

We have an extensive range of High Frequency Ground Penetrating Radar (HF-GPR) antenna’s ranging from 100MHz to 2.6GHz.

Our engineering geophysics department can provide you with extensive structural assessment surveys for voiding, honeycombing and structural defects within concrete slabs & structures.

Concrete Slab Scanning should be performed by only degree qualified technicians with advanced knowledge of electromagnetic wave theory and sonic wave theory.

Lost or unreliable As-constructed or design plans ?

TSSA regularly is requested to scan, test and supply as-built plans for asset owners and consultants, we can accurately image, survey and supply as-built survey plans for your structure or asset.

Will your asset support your redevelopment ?

With our concrete scanning and inspection engineers we can assess and advise you on the requirements necessary for your asset to meet your intentions.