Concrete NDT Testing
Concrete Testing Specialists

Post box stripping have you exposed excessive Honeycombing ?
TSSA staff regularly perform honeycombing inspection and analysis using ultrasonic and electromagnetic testing methods.

Exposed concrete reinforcement ?
Corrosion is a critical danger to concrete structures, this causes concrete cancer and quickly impacts structural durability.
The corrosion specialists at TSSA assist with half-cell potential and resistivity testing to quantify the corrosion rate.

Voids or cracking ?
Understanding the nature of concrete cracking and the causal effects can save you expensive remediation costs and liability incidents.
We have the latest in crack depth and void testing concrete NDT testing equipment.

Looking for concrete X-ray ?
While concrete x-ray or radiography can be performed it is extremely rare due to the access requirements of needing both side of the element to be available, the risk of radiation exposure and the expensive nature. We find when customers ask us about this they are referring to GPR or ground penetrating radar.
This misnomer comes about due to often gray scale radar images that are displayed. Concrete scanning is regularly quoted which is the method of using GPR to image the concrete. It is a fast and effective method that can obtain structural as-built information, the condition of the concrete and the density.

TSSA Advanced Concrete Testing Services
We utilize the latest ultrasonic arrays, electromagnetic and GPR Testing methods to provide accurate measurements of as-constructed information, defects and concrete strength testing.

Utilizing the latest in innovation Total Scan & Survey Australia are able to perform in-situ concrete strength by analysis utilizing a correlation data method from Schmidt hammer data and Ultra Sonic Pulse Velocity wave analysis. This is an indirect method for calculating concrete strength where core samples cannot be taken.

With the latest in software analysis we can 3D image any structure for complete defect identification, reinforcement design, post / pre tension strands, voiding, delamination, corrosion mapping and deformation.

All our staff are qualified concrete NDT testing professional who adhere to the international Guidelines for ISO 9712 NDT TESTING OF REINFORCED CONCRETE STRUCTURES.
Laboratory Analysis

Our complete condition assessment can provide advanced analysis of concrete mix design, carbonation, chloride, sulfide and compression strength analysis all done to NATA certified standards.
Constantly focused on the latest advancements, Total Scan & Survey Australia’s commitment to providing expert testing and analysis our service has helped hundreds of companies enhance safety, reduce costs, and increase productivity. We want to do the same for you. Please do not hesitate to contact us for all your concrete NDT testing requirements.