Total Scan and Survey are the only Nationally Accredited Concrete Scanning company operating nationally, with our team of degree qualified specialists we ensure your project is completed on time and efficiently, we do not use technicians with a 2 day course certificate like our competitors, you can trust in the service we deliver with our team of concrete non-destructive testing specialists.

We are currently operating on many commercial scale projects in Brisbane to provide advanced analysis and concrete scanning utilizing the latest in ultrasonic and impulse radar methods.

Our major projects of note include:

As-constructed detailed analysis:

Total Scan & Survey were engaged to assess the structural condition of one Brisbane’s major CBD high rises due to excessive deflection detected during a survey. TSS were able to provide detailed analysis of structural weaknesses within the structure and advise of suitable structural strengthening options. During this survey TSS performed impulse radar concrete scanning, Ultra Sonic defect analysis and in-situ strength analysis through shear wave analysis and advanced processing techniques.

3D tree root mapping:

By utilizing the latest in 3D radar technology TSS applied advanced techniques to map the extents of heritage listed trees for road widening projects. By creating a 12D model of the complete tree root system, engineers and arborist’s were able to determine the extent in which the project would harm the heritage listed trees, this technique allowed sufficient information to ensure the structural capability and life span of the tree was not compromised.

Concrete Moisture Testing:

Total Scan and Survey provide detailed analysis of concrete moisture content and relative humidity with our advanced technique. This is critical when applying coasting and coverings to concrete to ensure delamination does not occur.

Pile Integrity Testing and analysis:

TSS specialize in the SE/IR method on non destructive testing piles throughout Brisbane, we have performed many studies on array of different piles across Brisbane harbor district.