Engineering Geophysics and Concrete NDT Scanning

Total Scan & Survey specialise in providing professional surveying solutions that our customers can rely on.  We are experienced in servicing large scale projects in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney—all the while using concrete testing, NDT, utility surveying and geophysics. With the conglomeration of our highly skilled geophysicists & surveyors we aim to provide professional services to the engineering and construction industry across the country.

Who Are Total Scan Survey?


Concrete Scanning and NDT

Concrete Scanning and Non-Destructive Testing is critical to performing condition assessments additionally obtaining as-constructed information of concrete structures.

Pile Integrity Testing

Our engineering geophysicist’s specialise in all methods of pile integrity testing, including cross-hole sonic logging (CSL), sonic echo (PIT) and parallel seismic (PS).

Engineering Geophysics

Total Scan & Survey specialize in engineering and environmental geophysics and small scale exploration surveys to assist in the mining, commercial and civil industry.

Consulting and QA/QC Processing

Our senior geophysicists can assist in 3rd party Quality Assurance and Inspection services, in-house processing and advanced interpretation of geophysical data.

Underground Utility Surveying

Utility Surveying is the process of identifying and labeling public utility mains that are underground. It is particularly important before any excavation works.

Equipment Rental and Hire

Total Scan and Survey have a large array of geophysical and concrete NDT equipment for hire. GPR Systems, UT Systems, PIT Systems, RES/IP, and EM Systems.

What is concrete testing and why is it important?

When it comes to ensuring that your renovations or repairs are done in the safest and most secure way possible, concrete scanning is paramount. Total Scan & Survey utilise the latest technology to provide structural information, condition assessment and defects such as honeycombing, voiding, delamination and corrosion. When working with a concrete structure, there is a chance that you may run into post tension tables, conduits and rebar whilst cutting or drilling, a situation that often causes timely and costly delays in construction when encountered. This is where we come in.


Our testing solutions avoid this nightmare by offering builders, engineers and contractors across the country exceptionally detailed subsurface data that steers you away from any underlying defects. We do this by using the latest technology to produce a 3D model of your structure using GPR data. While we specialise in concrete surveying, GPR is a powerful tool that can be used with ice, rock, soil and fresh water as well.


The importance of this process simply cannot be overlooked. Working with a concrete structure that hasn’t undergone concrete testing is a gamble, one that could add months to your project timeframe and thousands of dollars on top of your budget. To avoid this, we offer a highly affordable professional solution that saves you the trouble. Efficient, affordable and exceptionally reliable – we are proud to be the company of choice for many large construction projects throughout the country.

The concrete scanning experts you can count on

With our proven industry experience in non-destructive concrete testing and scanning, we provide professional services for the construction, mining and environmental industry throughout Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane.

Engineering & Environmental Geophysics

Total Scan and Survey specialise in engineering and environmental geophysics, our staff have been involved in the design and execution of many large scale environmental investigation across Australia, many commercial process facilities have a high risk of ground contamination and experimental risks that require ongoing monitoring to map contaminate plumes and put in place remediation plans to ensure that any contamination incidents are rectified accordingly. We have a large array of geophysical investigation equipment to target the appropriate the methods to identify areas of remediation.

Our specialist consultants have designed many custom methods for a vast amount of survey conditions.

Understanding the local geological nature is critical when designing buildings, roads and bridges for assessing the piling needs and structural capacity of the geology, with our vast network we have the ability to offer turn key solutions for all geo-technical, structural, remediation and condition assessments across Australia

Our staff have provided professional solutions for some of the largest construction and development projects in Australia. We focus on delivering reliable results with cost effective services to drive the industry and growth of the construction sectors. Utility surveying is an absolute must when undertaking mechanical excavations, ensuring your project is not held back with timely delays and incidents. With a focus on providing the most accurate results possible, we are dedicated to ensuring that you avoid any possible problems that may delay your construction along the way.

Services available throughout Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney

TS Survey is the reliable choice for services such as concrete scanning and non-destructive testing. Our talented professionals also offer underground utility surveying for numerous industries. We have consultants throughout the country and the ability to provide large staffing requirements for major projects in any state. Over the years, we have garnered a reputation for achieving exceptional results that give peace of mind and confidence to those working on construction sites throughout every state in the country.


This means that no matter whether you need scanning solutions, non-destructive services or pile testing, we are the professionals to call when you need a level of accuracy and professionalism that won’t let you down.

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